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Today every manager knows that without proper IT background even a small business cannot be operated efficiently. Many people do not like the so called box (packaged) software, although the average tasks easy to solve them, but they cannot serve the specific needs. Therefore, many CEOs will choose the solution that develops custom (individual) software involving internal or external developers.

The creation of custom software, while a number of advantages, there are also significant disadvantages:

  • takes a long time to prepare
  • total cost is considerably more expensive than a box product
  • documentation may not be sufficient for error correction, or make changes to program
  • dependence of the developer

    Click&Flow application platform solutions for the special cases can be used as well as standard applications. Click&Flow combines the benefits of the "box" and of the individually developed software (which was tailored to the problems of the company) without the typical disadvantages.

    By means of the Graphical Process Designer and the Graphical Form Designer tools in Click&Flow fully customized applications can be created accordingly the company's operations, actual size or profile without any programming. Processes to be managed by Click&Flow can be created by the Graphical Process Designer. The processes can be changed or redesigned arbitrarily, without any need to programming!

    To implement processes the associated data and documents are also to be treated. The documents can be attached by the scanner controller application, or you can create them by any standard PC applications (Office, CAD, etc.).

    Entering data is reliable and easy by using the Graphical Form Designer. Designing the correct form does not require any programming work!

    Click&Flow is actually a generic software platform where you can create without programming knowledge the IT systems to support the key applications. You just have to know what kind of applications you need, the system ensures that you can be set up quickly the flexible solution to support your business without programming. Select the solution you need and modify to suit your needs.

    The generated forms and fields in the input data is automatically fed into the program include metadata, so they immediately appear in the searchable data between! Click&Flow Search Engine is an advanced application that allows you to generate on-demand queries, in addition to the usual queries. Typically for the data entered into Click&Flow or generated by the system can also create a search algorithm using only the logical operations. The search criteria can be saves, and can be run from time to time, whenever we expect that the statistics and information to be obtained. The important feature of the Click&Flow is logging, which can be traced all the changes and variations, all of the activities. The Click&Flow version management covers not only processes, but also the forms. The Click&Flow is typical of the highly sophisticated access control. The Click&Flow integrates the various "islands applications"

    The Click&Flow main modules:

    • Administration interface to set the organizational structure and the user
    • Graphical Process Designer
    • Graphical Form Designer
    • Search Engine, Report Editor
    • User Interface, the electronic desk

    The Click&Flow is also possible to rent!
    If Microsoft's cloud operating version you choose, you monthly as a service to use. In this case, there is no need for locally hosted IT system performance because the correct server, database and file storage as well as subscription fees are also included in rent. The monthly fee, Microsoft Azure, cloud-based systems can only use client computers, Internet access and an adequate number of appropriate prerequisite.

    Last but not least, the system is equipped with 24/2006. (IV.29) BM-IHM-NKÖM enhanced co-regulation to ensure compliance certification, which ensures compliance with public-service mission agencies use document management software against the requirements.

    The following examples illustrate the possibility of workflow applications (but not limited to):

    • Archiving
    • Supporting bid management - the focus should be on the business, not the administration
    • Managing incoming and outgoing invoices (approval of incoming invoices, outgoing invoices production and processing)
    • Document management (incoming and outgoing documents any electronic or paper form)
    • Quality assurance control
    • Project monitoring and management
    • Supporting any other business areas by customizing the standard modules or developing modules meet the specific needs on a quick and cost-effective way (e.g. a meal ticket request, meeting management, resource scheduling, time monitoring, etc.).

    How does Click&Flow for companies or other organizations?

    • provides transparency to the company's operations
    • optimizes the operational costs (e.g. printing costs, postal costs, document storage costs, communication costs, searching costs, etc.)
    • a uniform and flexible framework for supporting future changes concerning organization

    The most important features and functions of the Click&Flow workflow system

    Process management / graphical workflow designer (drag and drop)

    • any number of processes can be designed at any level of complexity
    • you can control the access to metadata and functions at the level of processes and processing steps, even in the case of custom-designed forms
    • triggers can be connected to the transitions in the processing steps both server and client side, which may be up to other developers' programs, or a set of SQL statements associated with a database, so the process can be maintained in any other relationship-based system
    • any number of transformation rules, algorithms can be defined in the processing steps (automatic sorting / distribution / sign-off rules)
    • you can send a copy of the items of a process
    • any number of rules can be defined for automatic transitions

    Form Designer

    • you can design any type and number of complex forms
    • growing number of complex controls used on forms
    • fields of forms can be used in advanced search
    • forms can be connected to processes
    • form version management
    • portable forms between systems
    • form designer similar to Visual Studio
    • several unique control (e.g. partner/production master, etc.)
    • fields and tables  in forms may contain different formulas and references
    • two methods for evaluation or implementation of formulas: mathematical functions similar to Excel (simple), or in .NET Visual Basic format (operation of any complexity)

    View Management

    • any number of data view
    • any number of column within a data view
    • column of a data view can be derived from own data base (data fields, evaluated fields) or external data base fields
    • visible columns within a view can be selected by users
    • hidden columns do not use resources

    Document Management

    • creating documents on the basis of document templates maintained in the system 
    • creating mail merges on the basis of templates
    • document import, export
    • version management
    • full-text search according to the user rights
    • file sending directly from the file system to Click & Flow


    • user calendars integrated with processes
    • display process deadlines in calendar
    • deadline warning
    • sharing calendars, chief can check

    Record management

    • sensitive (confidential) document and record management
    • correspond to 24/2006. (IV. 29.) BM-IHM-NKÖM joint decree
    • comprehensive receiving, filing, records management and process management solution for users
    • possibility for receiving, filing and processing directly from web
    • different professional regulatory modules for processes of the local goverments
    • Additional functions: sign-off documents, transitional and central archiving, supervision, accountability, disposal, archiving administration, etc.

    Template Management

    • template maintenance on a simple way on the basis of user rights
    • several template types:  Notepad, MS Word, MS Excel, OpenOffice Writer


    • image management module built in client (source: scanner, camera, etc.)
    • starting processes on the basis of images
    • interface to scanners (to the popular multifunctional equipments)
    • starting processes from the user interface of scanners
    • bulk electronic signing of PDF files

    Integrated electronic signature

    • handling of  MELASZ standard electronic signatures implemented by Microsec Ltd. developer kit (E-szigno)
    • handling other standards, if required

    Field level user authorisation system

    • you can authorised a user or a member of role that a metadata can be seen, read, or write in the system and in the steps of the process, so the access to data is very finely controlled

    Advanced search (on user rights), reporting

    • data fields manually or automatically recorded in the system (more than 100 built-in or custom in any form) can be searched based on Boolean algebra, this allows users to self-compile the search criteria and can run any query
    • by means of view technology metadata fields of other data bases can be searched and displayed
    • all dates in the system can be searched using the relative time by the last days, months, and the number of years
    • searching criteria can be saved, reused and easily run
    • results of searching can be printed by using the predefined templates, so any customized report is available
    • searching results can be copied on clipboard for reusing and format in any other application 


    • Microsoft Outlook extension emails and attachments
    • the system is monitoring unlimited number of POP3 or IMAP4 protocol enable email boxes, receiving the incoming emails, or starting processes, checking the electronic signatures, automatically sending notice on the accepting or any absence
    • documents can also be sent by email from the system to outside depending on user rights

    Active Directory integration

    • user data can be imported or maintained from Active Directory
    • during login procedure AD membership could be obligatory

    Groupware functionality

    • possible to define work baskets for roles, so that member of roles can see and manage the items in the work basket at the same time (for example the role is a central archives)

    Support for remote working

    • clients communicate to server via web services by TCP/IP so the system can be accessed via Internet (even file transfers is carried out by that way)


    • protection of the different objects, files, documents is guaranteed
    • data to be recorded once cannot be changed at all, for data which can be changed a data logging procedure runs on all changes
    • log files can be browsed, data can be searched depending on user rights

    Modularity, easy application integration, unified framework

    • it is possible to use a variety of related modules:
    • social system module
    • building authority module
    • interface modules:
    • committing offenses module
    • ERP
    • etc.

    Independent of large and expensive systems

    • except the database, the operating system and the electronic signature of choice, to purchase additional licenses for third-party is not required (in case of Windows Azure platform, there is no need for them at all)

    Server operation inside the organisation:

    • layered architecture
    • the base system can be divided to four parts, depending on the server-side load and the storage capacity more than one hardware can be used:
    • database (in case of ORACLE it is platform independent)
    • file system for document storage  (platform independent)
    • data base access, business logic layer (MS Windows server or servers and IIS)
    • client (all desktop operating system supported by .NET framework)
    • data base of choice
    • ORACLE 11 g R1 or higher version (in case of some features omitted, back to 8.0.5  any earlier version)
    • MS SQL 2008

    Server operation outside the organisation:

    • Windows Azure platform
    • low monthly fee, not necessary server, storage, network devices to purchase, maintain and operate
    • automated service management, including version upgrade even the operating system (in the subscription period)
    • load balancing
    • accessible from worldwide in 24 hours

    Operating system (client, server):

    • 32 bit
    • 64 bit

    Easy installation:

    • Xcopy, ClilckOnce, MSI
    • due to .NET technology, if the program is on a portable disk, pendrive, etc., and on the computer to which you want to connect .NET Framework has been installed and Internet connection available, you can immediately use the program (if it is authorized on the server side)

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